Career Satisfaction = ?

Career Satisfaction = ?

April 17, 2015

What factors do you use when deciding if a career is the right fit?  Is there a magical formula that will tell me that I’m heading in the right direction?

Well, somewhat.  Career satisfaction is really dependent upon each individual (obvs).  Some items in the equation might not be of importance to you, whereas it may be exponentially important to your best friend.   Try this on:

Career Satisfaction = values + interests + personality + ability + perceived ability + parental expectations + myths + strengths + …..

But what does this mean?

Values: important and lasting beliefs or ideals that have major influence on your behavior and attitude and serve as broad guidelines in all situations.  These can be familial, religious, social-cultural, material, moral, and more.

Interests/Personality: you’ll be more successful in a career that aligns not only with your interests, but your personality

Ability/Perceived Ability: think about it.  What can you really do versus what you think you can do.  I think I can snowboard but I haven’t ever done so and I probably, therefore, shouldn’t be a snowboarding instructor….

Parental Expectations: Do your parents want you to move back home after graduation to help support them?  Is being close to your family a factor when looking for positions?  Do your parents want you to return home after school and help on the family farm?

Myths: I used to think I wanted to become a doctor, I had these grandiose ideas of what it meant.  But then I did my research and learned the requirements of medical school and the many years afterwards–plus I learned that I don’t like science.  Balloon busted.

Strengths: Where do you excel?  How can you use those strengths in a job or dream career?  If you work in a position where you can use your strengths daily you’re more likely to enjoy the work.

If you’re unsure of what you should do, the Career Center can always help you figure out your equation.  We have several activities and assessments that can help you solve this equation.  Just stop on in!