The Friday Five: Leigha Hill

The Friday Five: Leigha Hill

November 3, 2016

“The Friday Five” is a chance to hear directly from Truman alumni. We are constantly inspired by members of the Bulldog community, and “The Friday Five” provides an opportunity to share some of their wise, meaningful answers. Their stories show what it means to be a Bulldog Forever, and hopefully their insights will allow us all to learn and grow together. This week we are introducing you to Leigha Hill.


Photo Credit: Olivia Hill

Leigha Hill graduated from Truman in 2014 with a Master of Arts degree in communication disorders. While at Truman, she was involved with Campus Christian Fellowship and was the social chair for the communication disorders program. Leigha is from Bolivar, MO, and moved back to her hometown after graduation. She currently works as a speech-language pathologist for Citizens Memorial Healthcare.

An average workday in her role at the skilled nursing facility consists of providing patients with cognitive, language, speech and swallowing therapy services following hospitalization. She typically sees her patients five times a week for about an hour each visit, and works to help them return home safely. Her favorite part about her job is building relationships with her patients, who become her real friends. Leigha believes a big part of her job is to bring people joy.

Why did you choose Truman for grad school?

I searched, and searched, and searched for the perfect graduate school. I did my undergraduate work at a private university and I was looking for a place that would provide me with the same level of quality education. Upon discovering Truman, I realized it was my first choice! It was the cost of a public university but had the feel of a private university.  I could tell that I would not be seen as ‘just another student,’ but rather a valuable asset to this University.

How has Truman helped you become successful?

Truman played a huge role in exposing me to a variety of therapy settings!  Truman’s communication disorders professors provided excellent instruction that gave me the skill set I needed to succeed in “the real world.”

What advice do you have for current Truman students (either in general, or specifically to students wanting to pursue a similar career path)?

I would encourage you to SOAK UP EVERY MINUTE and don’t take yourself too seriously. Ask lots of questions and don’t be afraid to fail. Stress is a choice. Also, sleep is important.

How do you describe Truman to someone who never attended the school? 

Oh, wow. It’s just pretty amazing. A beautiful campus filled with really beautiful people. The students who attend Truman are not like any other. Truman attracts people who are driven to succeed both academically and socially. Extracurricular activities are valued at the same level as education. It’s really a cool vibe!

Do you have any final comments or thoughts?

I really loved my time at Truman! This university is more than just a school – it’s an experience!


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