Why YOU Should Join an Alumni Chapter

Why YOU Should Join an Alumni Chapter

April 24, 2014

Why YOU Should Join an Alumni Chapter According to Truman Young Alumni

Graduation is just around the corner meaning the pool of Truman alumni is once again growing. That’s right, in a matter of days you will become part of the best (well, at least in our opinion but we might be a little biased) Alumni Association in the nation. This is a huge moment in your life where you become a real-life adult. Scary, right? We’re sure people are probably coming out of the woodworks to give you post-grad life advice so we thought we’d hop on that bandwagon, too.

Think you have too much on your plate to even consider joining a chapter? We thought so. In that case, we tracked down some of our incredible young alumni to give it to you straight. So here it is, their top five reasons why joining an alumni chapter will benefit you:

Getting your foot in the door can be half the battle. Alumni chapter events are ideal for networking. You’re all Bulldogs, so you know how rigorous getting a Truman degree can be. Our alumni are very willing to connect recent grads with other friends, colleagues, and alumni who can land a potential interview or explore a new opportunity. Take advantage of this resource!

“After moving to Columbia, I joined the Mid-Missouri Alumni Chapter. At the first event I attended, I was greeted with welcome faces and a sea of purple. While getting to know everyone, I was continually met with people who wanted to help with my transition to Columbia: finding a job, the best restaurants, sporting events, etc. One member even pulled out his phone and called numerous people in hopes of getting me some leads on other job opportunities available. That night I knew I had made the right decision to join.” – Kati Abbott (’08) Mid-Missouri Alumni Chapter

“Obviously this is ‘networking,’ but it isn’t networking with a direct purpose or goal in mind. This is the best kind of networking because it’s genuine and I know I will have these connections for life.” – Natalie Gerhart (’07) Dallas Alumni Chapter

Moving to a new area can be scary. Maybe your Truman experience is taking you on a brand new adventure where you know no one. Joining a chapter automatically makes you part of a group and sharing a Truman background is an instant icebreaker. Even if you aren’t headed to a chapter area, the Alumni Association can help you make connections wherever you go.

“I left Kirksville and moved 1,400 miles away to Arizona. Joining the Arizona Alumni Chapter was great for celebrating the transition. Right away, I met new people with their own stories of Kirksville. Even though there are a wide variety of ages in our chapter, there are many shared memories. Plus, the chapter organizes great events, like Ronza night with shipped-in Pagliai’s for a taste of “home.” It was a great welcome to my new city, and a fun way to discover all of the best restaurants and things to do!” – Cate Ryczek (’08) Arizona Alumni Chapter

“I instantly had a connection with people who could provide great advice on things from sites to see and where to eat, to what neighborhood to live in, and where to buy my CTA pass. It’s a very supportive network of individuals that helped me break into a new city and establish my life after graduation.” – Baillie Cloyd (’09) Chicago Alumni Chapter

Sometimes, leaving college can be hard. As the cliché goes, they were the best years of your life, but now what? After four years of constant activity and contact with countless campus organizations, classmates, Greek life, etc… you may find there’s kind of a void in your life. Being involved with something gives you a sense of belonging and satisfaction you can’t find anywhere else.

“I don’t get to see my local Truman friends as often as I’d like because we’re busy and spread all over the metro area. Alumni events are a great way for us to have a set time and place to catch up. I always leave an alumni event in good spirits!” – Hope Harms (’07) Kansas City Alumni Chapter

“No matter the setting or event, I have something in common with the alumni no matter, what their age. It is so easy to strike up a conversation with someone at an event and know that we could talk for hours about professors and class; what’s happening in Kirksville these days; student activities and more. I quickly expanded my network in Chicago and met some incredible people.” – Baillie Cloyd (’09) Chicago Alumni Chapter

Truman gave you a lot. It’s a good feeling to give back. Joining a chapter is pretty affordable considering all of the perks that come with it. Do you have $10 to spare on an afternoon movie? How about lunch at Chipotle? $10 buys you a whole year of chapter membership as a recent grad. You’d be surprised how much that $10 is really worth.

“Truman didn’t just provide me with a valuable degree or education, it equipped me with the tools to go out into the ‘real world’ and be successful. Giving back doesn’t only show your gratitude and appreciation, but it also helps Truman maintain its affordability for current and future students and expand its reputation (which, let’s be honest, will only positively reflect on you!).” – Nena Koseva (’13) St. Louis Alumni Chapter

No one understands quite like a Bulldog. Apparently some other universities out there think they produce the best and brightest students. Truman Alumni understand the value of education, and continue to embrace it in their post-grad lives. As our alumni are well aware, Truman prepares students for lives that matter.

“Since moving to another state, the Alumni Association has been an instant community who know something about where I am from and who I am as a result. The Alumni Association was a place I could go to be around others that know the true value of a Truman education.” – Natalie Gerhart (’07) Dallas Alumni Chapter

“I can tell you first-hand that the Truman bond is strong, and I’m so proud to be a Bulldog Forever.” – Kati Abbott (’08) Mid-Missouri Alumni Chapter

Well, there you have it. We could keep going about how great our Alumni Chapters are, but really you should check it out for yourself. Not sold on the idea? Come check out an event. You might be surprised at what your fellow Bulldogs have to offer.

Think our young alumni give pretty great advice? Keep an eye out for our next blog post where our young alumni share the advice they wished they would have gotten when they were graduating!



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