Why I joined an Alumni Chapter as a recent grad

Why I joined an Alumni Chapter as a recent grad

February 13, 2014
Jaronda Williams ('13) NEMO Alumni Chapter Secretary & Social Media Chair

Jaronda Williams (’13) NEMO Alumni Chapter Secretary & Social Media Chair

“Why I Joined an Alumni Chapter as a Recent Grad”
A letter from NEMO Secretary & Social Media Chair, Jaronda Williams (’13)


Dear Fellow Truman Alumni,

Congratulations! Getting through college can be so daunting, yet that moment you realize that you have succeeded at getting through this chapter of your life makes it all worth it. Not to mention, you just graduated with your degree from the only Missouri “Highly Selective Public Institution”! What an honor. Now you are faced with finding a job and/or getting through grad school along with everything else that comes with being an adult.

When I graduated from Truman last May, 2013, I felt accomplished, like I had just ended world hunger. Yet, the world was still going on like nothing exciting had happened all while I was in Kirksville celebrating this achievement with my fellow graduates. My email was flooding with Truman Alumni Association emails saying how proud they were of me and all of the benefits that come along with being an alumna, especially if I joined a chapter.

The last thing on my mind was joining an alumni chapter. Not having a job lined up after graduation made it even more difficult to think about spending money. There was an opening on the Northeast Missouri Chapter Board, and a friend told me I should join and fill the position. I hadn’t ever thought of joining an alumni chapter, let alone being on the board. Besides the summer when I interned in Washington, D.C., I didn’t know anything about alumni chapters.

It made me think about my experience in Washington, D.C. While I was there, the Mid-Atlantic Chapter hosted five events for all the interns and recent graduates from Truman as a way to welcome us as well as giving us a connection in the area. The events were all FREE for us, and they really made us feel loved and reminded of how awesome Truman students (current and past) are! Remembering the impact and all the connections I made, I felt like this was my chance to give back.

I thought joining a chapter was going to be an expensive investment. I was VERY wrong! It was only $10 because I was a recent graduate. I joined the Northeast Missouri Chapter since I was working in the Truman Admissions Office and would be in the area. I have been on the Chapter Board for six months and have met so many wonderful people in the area, attended events I probably never would have otherwise, and realized that $10 was nothing compared to the benefits I was receiving. I can honestly say, the first event would have cost me more than my dues if I was not a chapter member.

I would like to encourage everyone to join a chapter. You do not have to be on the Board or overly involved. You will receive emails about the upcoming events either way. Make the next few years after graduation worth it! You may not know where you want to go or what you want to do with your life, but the networking opportunities will at least get you in the door. Invest in your future; join a Truman Alumni Chapter!

Jaronda Williams (’13)
NEMO Alumni Chapter Secretary and Social Media Chair


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