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Cucumber Research

Cucumber Research

December 11, 2015

Hello Everyone, I am Zhengxiong Li, I would like to share my internship experience over the summer 2015. I worked in the soil cultivation group at the academy of Chinese agricultural sciences. My research topic is How do gibberellins and florels affect the cucumbers’ yields and physiological properties?  I enjoyed my internship so much. I am not only learned cucumber cultivation skill, but also went to an amazing field trip. There were six people in my group and we worked in the cucumber greenhouse through Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm. Most times, we took take care of the cucumber leaves and sprayed some pesticides on them. We also held several seminars to talk about cucumbers’ growth and characteristics. Even though this was a research project, we still wanted to have high yields of cucumber. So, we tried to start with the right seeds that produce gynodioecious plants, which have only female flowers. The thing that I like the most from the internship was we went to a field trip to ShouGuang at Shandong province, As I looked around I saw vegetables and fruits of every shape and color. Some you might be familiar with, while others look alien. I imagine many Americans might assume they are small sea creatures, not only popular Chinese vegetable. I was in the city of ShouGuang located in the Shangdong Province. it is nickednamed the vegetable capital of China, an Ag major ‘s dream of a field trip. In the day I was there, I learned a little about their advanced planting techniques, and saw huge mass of produce that results.

Now, let me introduce the background information of my research topic. High temperature is an adverse factor during the vegetable cultivation process, which can affect the vegetable yields and quality seriously. Cucumbers do not tolerate a high temperature. The best temperature for cucumber cultivation is between 25 to 30 degrees Celsius. However, cucumbers growing outside always encounters high temperatures. They reach 30 degrees in daytime and 20 centi degrees in evening time. Moreover, Cucumbers are susceptible to drought and strong sunlight, which can result in really low yields. In China, cucumbers are widely consumed during every summer. So, it is important to improve its quality, yields, and physiological properties. Florels and gibberellins are widely used during the production of cucumbers. The research indicates that an appropriate florel consistency can treat the cucumber seedling nicely and improve its female flowers rate, while inhibit the seedling vain growth. Furthermore, an appropriate gibberellin consistency is a benefit for planting yields, photosynthetic characteristics and growth index. But there is no report about how the application of exogenous gibberellins and florels of different consistencies affects cucumber yields and physiological properties for the summer cucumber cultivation.

In all treatments, there are no differences on individual plant and individual plant quantity of bearing fruits. So, the two auxins did not change cucumber early yields. We saw the effect of gibberellins and florels to cucumber amount of growth. by Spraying the two auxins can help to increase each plant height. But, there are no thicker stems or increases in the quality of leaves. We saw The effect of gibberellins and florel to cucuobers’pigmen’s contents. After spraying gibberellins, the values of chlorophll a, cholorophll b, carotenoids and chlorophlla/b are increased obviously in cucumber leaves. However, there is no increase in leaves’ pigment contents.

This is a great internship. I learned a lot about cucumber cultivation techniques in this internship. Meanwhile, I get to know auxins are important to vegetable production. Agriculture is not only a theory but also physical work. I will study hard and do better future research.

Let me explain some scientfic words: Gibberellins are growth hormone that gather cell elogation and cause planstto grow taller. Gibberellin also have a role in other plant processes, such as stem elongation and germination. Gibberellins are plant hormone that regulate growth and influence various developmental processes, including stem elongation. Auxins are a class of plant hormone or plant growth substances with some morphogen-like characteristics. Exogenous means produced by growth from superficial tissue.

I hope every reader can enjoy my bolg, should you have any questions, just ask me at

Thank you

Mike Li

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