May Student of the Month

Rory Mckeown

Rory is currently a sophomore business/exercise science major studying at the University of Roehampton located in London, England through Missouri- London program.

“I am studying at the University of Roehampton in London, England. All of my classes have been really fun so far. My favorite has been Retail Theory and Practice because I got to work in a group to design and present a product, and in doing so made several new friends. I have also made a lot of friends playing on my college’s soccer team. It’s been a fun way to stay in shape and given me the opportunity to experience a big part of the English culture. My team gets to play a game next month in a semi-professional soccer team’s stadium, so I am very excited for that. I have also joined a boxing club here at the university. It’s been tough but a lot of fun! I’ve been able to explore England a lot with the Study Abroad Student Social Program here, which has taken me places like Oxford, Greenwich, and York. I have traveled to Scotland and Wales this semester, and I hope to travel some more before I go home.


I chose this program for several reasons. I have always had a strong connection to England because my dad is English, and my parents met while my mom was studying abroad in England. I have a lot of family here, so it has been nice to be close to them. Also, one of my older brothers goes to school in England, so it has been a lot of fun to be able to see him here. I wanted to study abroad so I could go on adventures and meet new people and I feel like I have accomplished that pretty well. All in all, this has been a great experience!”

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