April Student of the Month

Savannah Dieckmann

Savannah is currently a sophomore justice systems/pre-law major and business administration minor studying abroad at the University of Roehampton located in London, England through Missouri- London program.

“I am attending the University of Roehampton in London, England as part of the Missouri-London program. My experience abroad so far has been way more than I had ever imagined. It has been a truly indescribable experience. Living in a city as huge as London has been one of the greatest learning experiences I have ever had. The culture is more different than I had expected. I quickly learned the importance of a good cup of tea! While England is a predominantly English speaking country, it has its own customs and norms that I caught on to very quickly. The education system is extremely different than in the States. I attend classes only two days a week and I only take three classes in total. My grade for the entire course rests on one assignment, which adds quite a bit of pressure. My favorite course though is “Media City and the Cultural Capital.” This module consists of weekly field trips to museums in London. I was able to visit Tate Modern, Tate Britain, Victoria and Albert Museum, Imperial War Museum, and much more. We even got to take an exclusive tour of The Wimbledon, where the yearly Wimbledon Championships take place. It’s amazing to go into central London for class each week. I chose this program because it offered courses for my major that were not offered at Truman. I was able to broaden my education by attending a university abroad, but also get the campus “feel” by attending London’s only traditional campus university. I have learned so much about the British culture, British people, and myself while studying abroad. I’ve also gotten the opportunity to travel to Germany, Belgium, France, Holland, and throughout England. I’ve overcome obstacles and challenges and have grown to be more independent. My most favorite lesson that I have learned so far is that a good cup of tea can fix everything!”

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