August Student of the Month!


Tessa Kraemer is a Biology major with a minor in Psychology at Truman State University. She recently attended a study abroad program in Florence, Italy. Below is a short statement from Tessa and pictures from her trip! Click here to find out more about the CCIS program in Florence, Italy!

“Studying abroad in Florence, Italy this summer felt like home. Before I left, I was so scared to go to a foreign country, not knowing anyone, without my mommy by my side. Two months later, and I feel confident saying that I could visit any new country and feel equipped to navigate on my own. I took an art history class and got to study works in class, then see the original pieces right in front of me in Florence’s art galleries. While abroad I visited Florence, Pisa, Rome, Pompeii, Paris, Zurich, and Santorini. Each new country is a completely different world. This allowed me to adapt to anything new that was thrown at me, the most important trait that I have brought back to Truman with me and will use my entire life. Seeing the daily lives of people from other countries forces you to reconsider the values that you hold and reevaluate how you look at circumstances. Don’t be afraid of taking the wrong train, or falling off your tour boat, or accidentally paying $12 for a gelato (that was totally worth every euro). These things will all happen to you, and you will love every second of it.”

-Tessa Kraemer

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