June Student of the Month!

Nicholas Wagner

Nicholas Wagner is a junior Linguistics major and Japanese minor at Truman State University and is currently studying abroad at Hosei University in Tokyo, Japan. Below is a short statement from Nick and pictures from his trip. Click here to find out more about the Hosei University program in Tokyo!

“Studying abroad certainly feels like a dream. Whether it is something that you have planned out for a long time or something that you choose to do spontaneously, I can promise it will be one of the most memorable experiences that you will ever have. Japanese classes are a great, but a large portion of the learning comes from adapting to situations outside of the classroom. At first, speaking Japanese and getting around was nerve-wracking and outside of my comfort-zone. However, after making some (what I imagine will be life-long) friends and practicing Japanese, going places – like Tokyo’s 2080 ft. tall Sky Tree – and buying things – such as an 8 layer ice cream cone – is a breeze. Since coming to Japan, among other things, I’ve visited the statue of liberty (yes, they have one too), played tennis by Mt. Fuji, gotten lost in the complex subway system (several times) and given a speech to my peers in Japanese. My new friends often show off their お持て成し(omotenashi) hearts… by which I mean they are the most hospitable people I’ve ever met. It’s amazing these two months have already flown by so fast, but I’m excited to come back to Truman and share my experiences. See you all in August!”

-Nicholas Wagner







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