Should I Study Abroad?

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Why should I study abroad?

  • a desire for travel and new experiences
  • the change to practice another language
  • the opportunity to find yourself and discover your capabilities in the world
  • make new friends
  • experience a different culture


Isn’t studying abroad super expensive?

  • Studying abroad is in fact pricey BUT.. all your financial aids and scholarships from Truman will be able to be applied to any of  Truman Sponsored Programs.
Click here for a list of our programs!


Isn’t studying abroad time consuming?

  • No, studying abroad can earn you academic credits that can all transfer back to Truman State University as elective credits!
  • BUT, if you would like them to transfer back as your major’s credit, you must fill out a substitution form!
  • Therefore, you are pretty much going to classes in a different geographic location from Truman!




For more information about Truman State University’s Center for International Education and Study Abroad, Visit Us At:

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Phone Number: (660) 785-4076




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