September Student of the Month


“The attached picture is from Castle Hill in New Zealand. I’m hoping to put myself in “dangerous” situations to get some more pictures with my “Mom, I’m fine” sign while I’m here.”

September Student of the Month: Amber Smith

Program Location: Australia Bond

Program Term: Fall 2016

“Hi, my name is Amber Smith, and as I am writing this I’m sitting in a dark hostel room in Gold Coast, Australia after waking up at 5am to watch the sunrise on the beach along with dozens of others. This past week was spent traveling New Zealand which ranged from a hostel roommate who snored loud enough to wake the city to the jaw dropping sites of New Zealand including watching seal pups play in a waterfall. The time change is a drastic 15 hours ahead from good old K-Vegas which means I’m still struggling with the time change even a full week after arriving on this side of the world. One of the most surprising things is how many KFCs there are here causing me to wonder, “Do they know what Kentucky is?” For the most part the food is the same but with just a slight enough difference to remind me that I’m not in the Midwest. Overall, the full week of traveling really makes me appreciate a consistent sleep schedule, only having 1 roommate, and not having to live out of a suitcase. It makes me super excited to finally move in to Bond University tomorrow morning.”


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