The following post was written by one of our students who is currently abroad. This post is used by permission from her personal blog that she has created to document her adventures abroad.  Read more about her travels here!

«Traveling is rough. It’s fun and exciting because you’re going to a new place; but, it’s rough. I am so excited to be in England, but it did not exactly go how I had pictured it.

I have been picturing my departure in my head for a while; and I pictured it a bit like this


Instead it ended up like this


Five minutes before I left the worst possible thing happened. I was washing my hands and bent over to pick up my backpack and my phone fell out of my pocket and into the toilet. Seriously people the toilet. That’s super gross and probably TMI for all y’all, but it happened. The only non-sucky thing about that situation is that at least the toilet had just water in it. I washed it off and put some rice with it in a bag to hopefully dry it out.

The actual airport experience was pretty terrible as well. I was saying goodbye to my parents and it was a little emotional…


And to top off the emotion, I was late like always, so I had a nervous breakdown standing in the security line. My plane was boarding as I was going through security. I’m proud to say I ran my first 5k down terminal B. I might have to try a legit 5k sometime, because I made excellent time. I was one of the last people to board and it was just peachy.

Also, I’m pretty sure all the people near me thought I was a little weird. I was breathing heavily from the nice little jog I had, I was a titch emotional, and I was trying to make my phone work through a large bag of rice.

Other than those incidents, it was a pretty pleasant flight.

And by pleasant I mean terrible. Because the universe hates me, we had weather troubles. For anyone who’s been to Disneyland or Disneyworld, imagine being on the Star Tours ride. Except you’re on a plane with a hundred more people and you have to pee. Mix that with the occasional Tower of Terror feeling and you have what the majority of my plane ride felt like.

At least I made it here though! There was a nice lady who collected me and a group of other students from the airport and we got a nice tour of campus and the town. It’s pretty much adorable!

Everyone here is super nice. The English are nice and all the study abroad students are awesome!! It’s so much fun to meet people from all over. Everyone is different,but we get along quite lovely (as the brits would say).

School doesn’t start until next week, so we get to tour around a bit this week! Hopefully I can get some pictures up soon!

It’s so beautiful here and I love it!!! Yay England!!!»

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