Law Internship in Rural Northeast Missouri

Law Internship in Rural Northeast Missouri

October 21, 2017

Truman Sociology/Anthropology senior Clare Mattione stayed the summer in Kirksville and interned with a family law attorney in Memphis, Missouri.

Clare writes, “ I worked for her three times a week and sat through court with her and did different office tasks.  I even traveled to Springfield with her where she gave a presentation at a convention on one of her cases that has been receiving a great deal of media attention.  My favorite days were when we went to court on her GAL (guardian ad litem) days where she represented children who had been taken into custody of the state.  I loved these days because I have still been considering going into social work instead of law, and this showed me the balance of the two that I had been looking for.

The best advice I have to anyone looking for an internship is to ask your advisor for help.  If you do not have a great relationship with your advisor, ask another faculty member instead. As I am also a Communication major, I expressed to my Communication advisor Michelle Kleine that I would like to try to do a law internship, but was struggling because these jobs always go to law students instead of undergraduates.  She was able to set me up with this attorney because their children were in the same class in school, so they were friends.  Because Memphis is such a rural area, she did not have law students around  to work for her instead, so it really worked out.”

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