New Members of Cultural & Societal Honors Society

New Members of Cultural & Societal Honors Society

November 25, 2013

Certificates will be presented to new members of the Cultural & Societal Honors Society this month. Founded three years ago the name was chosen to represent what anthropologists and sociologists strive to achieve in the work that they do.  The goal is to attain a deeper understanding of cultures, societies, and peoples on both a macro and a micro level.  The organization promotes community and provides students with an excellent place to grow and to realize their goals. Students are given opportunities to further develop academic skills and develop knowledge applicable to real life settings.

Eligible students were identified by Dr. Elaine McDuff, Chair of the Department of Society & Environment whom completed at least 6 hours of SOAN coursework and a GPA greater than or equal 3.0 in the major. Congratulations new members!

Andrew Clooney
Chloe Jackson
Heeju Jung
Melissa Kern
Connor Maguire
Andrew Templeton
Megan Todd
Jilliann Wells
Ian Wohlstadter
Sean Lynn

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