Summer Fun

Summer Fun

July 1, 2013

Centennial may be quiet in the way of students, but construction is definitely in full swing this summer. Over the course of the summer, Centennial’s main lounge, dining hall, and floor lounges are being renovated. Needless to say, there is not a lack of work to be done in good ol’ Centennial.

Since food seems to be a priority with college students (who would have thought?) our contractors have been focusing heavily on getting the dining hall done first. Check out their progress:


 Above is a picture of the Private Dining Room being updated. The Private Dining room will now have an entrance from within the dining hall.


This is the main seating area. Since this picture was taken, walls have gone up for the booth seating. Centennial’s dining hall will feature seating similar to Ryle Hall.


This is a picture of the updated serving area in the dining hall. The serving area will be very similar to Ryle. This area will be able to be locked when the dining hall is closed so students can still utilize the seating space to study or hang out.

As you can see, there has been lots of progress in the dining hall. If you head downstairs, work is also being done in the main foyer and main lounge.


Above is the main foyer. The foyer will feature a brand new hall desk and elevator. The elevator will make the 1st floor lounge and dining hall much more accessible. Also, all of the student mailboxes will now be in the main foyer.

When renovated, the main lounge will have lots of comfy seating and study spaces for residents to utilize. The main lounge has been gutted and is currently having the new fire sprinkler system installed.


What the main lounge currently looks like.


The sprinklers (bright red piping) have been installed in the majority of the main lounge.

Remember that elevator I was just talking about in the main foyer? It is nearly ready to go:


This elevator will travel from the 1st floor main lounge, to the main foyer, to the dining hall.

If you head upstairs to the floor lounges, there is quite a bit to see. The first thing you will notice? Some new safety railing in the center staircase:


This railing runs down through the center of the staircase and makes it just a little bit safer for students hurrying on their way to classes. Yay, saftey!

Once you make it up the stairs, well, the lounges are nearly unrecognizable. For starters, they are twice as big as they were a month ago.


When I took this picture, I was standing right next to the kitchenette door.


You are probably used to seeing the far side of the lounge, but here is a picture anyway.


This side of the lounge probably looks less familiar. Why? Because until about a week ago, it was rooms CH 332-CH 336. But now, it makes up the other half of the floor lounge.

So, there you have it. Those are the major projects happening in Centennial right now. You are probably thinking that it looks just a little incomplete at the moment. But, don’t you worry, our contractors are working hard to have C-Hall ready when all of the new bananas move in.

I can’t wait to see these summer renovations completed. Which summer project are you most excited about?

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