Finishing Touches and New Beginnings

Finishing Touches and New Beginnings

May 29, 2013

It’s finally here.

After a year of waiting, I am very excited to announce that our contractors are putting on the putting a few finishing touches to the south side of Centennial.

We have showed you the completed 4th and 5th floors in previous posts, and today we are excited to show you the 2nd and 3rd. Are you ready?


Here you see the 2nd floor near the elevator. Notice the fun coordinating carpet!


Here is the completed 2nd floor lounge. Towards the center of the picture you will notice the computer station table. All we are waiting for now is furniture!


Here you see the 3rd floor near the brand new elevator as well! 3rd floor sports a slate-blue color with highlights of orange in the carpet.

There was one other new addition to the south side.


A new door! This door is ramp accessible and will be a “yellow” door for residents to enter through.

All that is left to complete on the south side of C-Hall is the 1st floor, which is well on its way to completion.

But, as one project has come to an end, another has started. The main lounge, dining hall, and lounges and 3rd, 4th, 5th floor have been demolished.

If you have ever been a C-Hall Resident, think about all of the fun times you had in these spaces. What do you remember most? In the main lounge you might remember light green walls, red carpet, and old furniture.

Ready to see what it looks like now?



IMG_5566Demolition of the main lounge started just 2 days after students moved out for the summer! When completed, the main lounge will provide great social and study spaces for residents to use!

Now think of all the times you walked to the dining hall.

You probably took these stairs, right?



You probably also passed the now empty Hall Desk:


And then, you were finally greeted by George, your friendly C-Hall Sodexo Employee, here:


The Dining Hall looks a little different now, huh? It is hard to believe that people were eating here just a few weeks ago.

When renovated, the dining hall will feature new booths, tables and chairs, and a completely renovated Private Dining Room. The dining room itself will be elevator accessible and available during the evening for students to study and hang out, much like Ryle Hall.

You probably had some good times in the floor lounges. Those are also getting a drastic makeover this summer. Each floor lounge will be expanded and take over both sides of the hall in the middle of the long hallways of Centennial. Check out the progress that has been made so far:


The glass panels of been removed so that the old walls can come down.


A view of the demolition currently happening inside the 3rd floor lounge. Can you imagine having lounges twice this size in just 2 and a half months?

One of the last projects happening around Centennial this summer will be the landscaping and repaving of sidewalks in the beautiful Centennial Hall Courtyard.

After renovations of the south side, this is what the courtyard currently looks like:


I can’t wait to see some grass to match the trees!

And there you have it folks. As part one of the project has come to a close, the next steps are already underway.

We can’t wait to have residents enjoying all of the new amenities and updated spaces Centennial has to offer!

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