Noise Means Progress

Noise Means Progress

February 14, 2013

If it is true that noise means progress and if you have been in Centennial recently, well, then you know that there must be a lot of progress happening. Which there is.

Progress is happening throughout the building. One of the noisiest areas in Centennial right now is on the south side of the foyer. Currently, our contractors are working on the demolition of the south staircase leading to the 2nd floor dining hall. For those of you who have only seen the foyer in its current state, there used to be an staircase on the south side identical to the north staircase you walk up to get your meals.

This is what the base of the south staircase used to look like:


Now, this is all that is left:


What you see there is the rebar that once supported the stairs hanging down with little concrete left on it. Soon this space will be walled off. On the lounge side of the new wall there will be a seating area with a television for residents to enjoy.

Another big project currently underway is the installation of the new south elevator. The new elevator will no longer have an outside entrance. Instead, there will be an entrance with an accessible ramp into the building to the right of the elevator.

IMG_5501A River City worker works on creating the base for the south elevator.


The same view as before, but from the 2nd floor opening to the elevator shaft.


The same view as before, but from the 5th floor opening to the elevator shaft.

Another project currently underway is the addition of a drop ceiling in all of the south hallways.


At the top of this picture you can see where the ceiling has been lowered to cover the new piping for the new sprinkler system.


To the left of the room number sign, you can now see where the wall has been built out to house new lighting features.


The orange piping is for the new sprinkler system. This will be covered by the addition of a drop ceiling.

Besides these big projects, there are lots of little things in progress on the south side of Centennial.


New room number plates are being printed. All rooms in Centennial will be re-numbered after the renovation. The rooms will be numbered similar to BNB, Dobson, and Ryle.


Water fountains will be replaced. This  area is awaiting the arrival for the new unit.


This is on the outside elbow of the south side. While this may just look like a storage space for supplies right now, eventually it will be the home of new study area when the south side reopens.


This is the area on the other side of the temporary wall by the mailboxes. Look a little creepy right now? It will soon be transformed into a comfy seating area.

That’s all we’ve got for now! Like always, if you have questions about the renovations, feel free to leave a comment!

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