Summer begins, North rooms near completion

Summer begins, North rooms near completion

June 11, 2010

4-person room 06-01-10

A view of a 4-person room.  You will note that each of the newly renovated rooms has received carpet, fresh paint, a new closet door, new wardrobe closet, and has the same furniture that can be found in all of our residence hall rooms. (Picture taken 06-01-10)

Furniture set-up 06-01-10

Construction workers have begun setting up furniture in the north rooms of Ryle which signals a near end to this phase of the construction project! (Picture taken 06-01-10)

Towel bars, heating and cooling 06-01-10

New towel bars join the ranks of “new items found in the room”.  In this picture, you can see the two towel bars in the room next to the new heating and cooling system. (Picture taken 06-01-10)

New closet wardrobes 06-01-10

Closets in the rooms were changed over to new built-in wardrobes which have the same amount of space for each room now and not oddly shaped closets depending on what room you are in!  There are two sides to the closet and each side has two hanging bars and a shelf. (Picture taken 06-01-10)

New doors 04-26-10

Each of the rooms got new doors made out of a beautiful cherry colored wood.  Here you can see the room door on the far left, the 4-person closet door in the middle and the wardrobe doors on the right.  (Picture taken 04-26-10)

New Fixtures 06-01-10

Bathrooms receive updating with new fixtures.  Sinks, toilets, and showerhead fixtures were all replaced during renovations.  here you can see one of the new sinks.  (Picture taken 06-01-10)

Community Room Sinks Installed 06-01-10

In Ryle’s new community style rooms (3300’s, 4300’s, 5300’s), sink tops were installed recently for each bedroom.  While members in this part of the Ryle community share a bathroom, they each also have sinks in their rooms for basic functions such as brushing teeth, putting in contacts, and putting on make-up. (Picture taken 06-01-10)

Tiled community showers 04-26-10

For the community style rooms, new bathrooms were added including three showers.  The bathrooms have recently been tiled, and the floor has been finished. (Picture taken 04-26-10)

View of the lounge 06-01-10

A view of the house lounges.  On the far left where you can see the door is a study room.  Behind the piece of machinery to the right of the study lounge is a public bathroom.  On the far right is the new house kitchens. (Picture taken 06-01-10)

Floor public bathrooms 06-01-10

Each house now has a public bathroom located off the lounge for community and guest usage.  Each bathroom contains a toilet and sink.  (Picture taken 06-01-10)

Kitchen 04-26-10

A view of the house kitchens.  Each kitchen is closed off from the lounge by a set of double doors and will contain fixtures and appliances including a sink, ice machine, stove/oven, microwave, and refrigerator.  Appliances have recently come in! (Picture taken 04-26-10)

Front Lobby and Cafeteria Demolition 06-01-10

The main goal for our construction crew this summer is not just to finish our north side rooms.  Additionally, they must completely renovate and remodel the kitchen, dining area, and the main lounge.  Here you can see where the demolition has begun for the new entrance to the cafeteria. (Picture taken 06-01-10)

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