Renovations Moving Along

Renovations Moving Along

March 3, 2010

Laundry Room hook-ups 02-26-10

Current Ryle residents will be happy to know that SIX washers and SIX dryers will be added to the north side for laundry purposes next year.  This is an upgrade from our current three washers and four dryers.  In this photo, you can see the wall that divides three washers from the other three. (Picture taken 02-26-10)

Completed window framework and HVAC system 02-26-10

The framing around the windows are being completed in many of the rooms.  In this photo, you can see the new windows, new heating and cooling system (with individual controls for each room) and the new placement for smoke detectors in each room. (Picture taken 02-26-10)

Great views from new windows 02-26-10

Here at Ryle Hall, every room has a great view!  Here is a view of the courtyard from the fifth floor. (Picture taken 02-26-10)

Kitchens ready for fixtures 02-26-10

As you can see from this picture, the kitchens will have two doors that separate them from the lounge.  This kitchen has gotten its first coat of paint and is ready for fixtures! (Picture taken 02-26-10)

Walls get first coat of paint 02-26-10

Computer stations will be located in the center part of each lounge.  Crews have begun painting these walls which will also have large tack boards. (Picture taken 02-26-10)

New Study bubbles view one 02-26-10 New Study bubbles view two 02-26-10

Study bubbles have been added off the lounge. These two pictures show two vantage points of the study rooms which will be nice because they have a good sound barrier from each floor lounge. (Picture taken 02-26-10)

New Lounge Area 02-26-10

A view of the lounge from the hallway near the kitchen.  You can see next year’s Campbell-Grim-Ryle Hall Director William and Ryle Hall Community Coordinator Becka hanging out in the lounge.  Becka is near the computer work stations while William is in the lounge.  The kitchen is directly to the right of this photograph and the floor bathroom and study bubble are ahead and to the left. (Picture taken 02-26-10)

Welcome to Ryle Offices from HD and CC 02-26-10

Welcome to the newly renovated Ryle Hall from HD William and CC Becka! (Picture taken 02-26-10)

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