Progress for the New Year

Progress for the New Year

January 15, 2010

Kitchen 12-02-09 Lounge looking into new kitchen 01-14-10

The photograph on the left shows the new framework and piping being put in for the new lounge kitchens.  Each house will have its own kitchen, lounge, and study room.  (Picture taken 12-02-09)  The photograph on the right shows the new work done to the kitchens, specifically in new supports being put in, more piping added, and new door frames!  (Picture taken 01-14-10)

Lounge and Study Room 12-02-09

Standing in the area where the new floor lounges will be (previously 316-320, 416-420, and 516-520), you can see the progress being done for the new study rooms on each floor.  The second door frame leads to a maintenance room.  (Picture taken 12-02-09)

New Pipes for Heating and Cooling in rooms 12-02-09 Painted drywall 01-14-10

On the left, viewers can see all of the new pipes that were installed for the new heating and cooling system for each room.  Residents in Ryle will now be able to adjust the temperature in their own room, and air conditionining is part of the new heating/cooling system. (Picture taken 12-02-09)  Though from a different angle, the photograph on the right shows that new walls have been added to enclose these pipes, and they have been painted over.  Soon the heating/cooling registers will be installed; you can see one here in the room. (Picture taken 01-14-10)

New heating and cooling unit 12-02-09 Heating and cooling controls 12-02-09

These pictures show the new heating/cooling units that will allow residents to control the temperature in their own rooms.  The units were delivered in December and one will be placed in each room.  The right picture shows the control system that residents will be able to use to adjust their room temperature.  (Pictures taken 12-02-09)

New Crossover Community Bathroom 01-14-10 New Showers for Community bathrooms 01-14-10

On the crossover bridge in the center of the building (floors 3, 4, and 5), new community bathrooms will be installed for a small population.  The left picture shows the entryway to the area that will house toilets and sinks.  The right pictues shows the three new shower stalls that will be installed in each community bathroom area.  (Pictures taken 01-14-10)

Laundry Hook-ups 12-02-09

New laundry hook-ups for the new laundry room that will be installed on the north side of the building were put into place in December.  Here you can see where the washers will go.  Laundry rooms will be installed on the second floor on both sides of the building where one of the inside quad rooms used to be (north side – previously room 221).  (Picture taken 12-02-09)

View of Courtyard through new windows 12-02-09

The inside rooms in Ryle will all have the same great views that they had before renovations of the courtyard.  Once all of the construction equipment goes away and the ground is re-landscaped, residents will surely be able to enjoy this excellent view!  (Picture taken 12-02-09)

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