Students Break, Construction Continues

Students Break, Construction Continues

October 16, 2009

Lots of Activity 10-15-09

Most students left for Midterm Break Wednesday, but that didn’t slow the progress of construction.  As they come back to Ryle Hall Sunday 10/18, they will see noticeable changes on the outside! (Picture taken 10-15-09)

New Roof 10-15-09

Ryle Hall gets a new hat, just in time for winter!  A new roof is being installed on Ryle, and new vents are being created for mechanical processes.  (Picture taken on 10-15-09)

New Windows Installation - Doson Side 10-15-09

A construction worker works to install new windows in each of the rooms in Ryle.  This will surely help regulate the building’s temperature year-round!  (Picture taken 10-15-09)

Framing for new HVAC System 10-15-09

A newly installed window with new support structure for the HVAC system. (Picture taken 10-15-09)

New Bathroom Windows 10-15-09

Ryle got brand new bathroom windows too!!!! (Picture taken 10-15-09)

5th Floor Crossover New Rooms 10-15-09

Campbell-Grim-Ryle Hall Director Liz Raine looks out from the door frame of one of the new double rooms on the 5th floor crossover.  (Picture taken 10-15-09)

Man on North Bacony and Being Bricked 10-15-09

The north balcony/private dining room got its roof on Thursday 10/15 and has begun the process of getting bricked.  You can see a worker smoothing out the cement between the cracks on the top of the roof.  This will provide a new vantage point to Ryle and the upper balcony will be a great place to get outside and study on nice days! (Picture taken 10-15-09)

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