September Demolition

September Demolition

October 6, 2009

Once the exterior and interior walls were removed the fourth floor apartment (old rooms 416 and 418), you can see where the new corner lounges, study rooms, and kitchens will be on each floor.  You can also see the ductwork has been installed for the new HVAC system. (Picture taken September 4, 2009)


With the ceiling removed from room 431’s bathroom, you can see that all of the fixtures in the bathroom have been removed. (Picture taken September 4, 2009)


All of the walls were removed from the fourth floor bridge to reveal a nice large open space.  On the right side of this picture (to the right of the column with the blue paint at the bottom) was the old fourth floor lounge.  On the left side of this picture (to the left of the same column) were rooms 432, 434, 436, and 438.  This new space will be double rooms that will share a community bathroom.  (Picture taken September 4, 2009)

Where the fourth floor lounge once stood, there will be new double rooms created.  This viewpoint shows the approximate size of one of the new double rooms from just outside of where the doorway will be put in.  (Picture taken September 4, 2009).

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