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August 22, 2014

Psychology SRC Presentations

Spring 2014 Undergraduate Research

Oral Presentations included:

“Machismo and Marianismo Revisited: Language, Acculturation, and Gender Role Perceptions Among Latinos” by Analia F. Albuja. (Dr. Sherri Palmer, Faculty Mentor)

“Childhood Trauma as a Postcolonial Device in The God of Small Thingsby Seth A. Emery. (Dr. Hena Ahmad, Faculty Mentor)

“The Efficacy of Various Bridging Stimuli During Acquisition of an Operant Task and the Use of Food-Based Positive Reinforcement Training on Unwanted Oral Inverstigative Behaviors in Horses, Equus caballusby Megan R. LaFollette, and Kaitlin Cloonan. (Dr. Kelly W. Walter, Faculty Mentor)

“Is All Well that Ends Well?” by Randall T. Miller. (Dr. Terry Palmer, Faculty Mentor)

“Statistics Skills Preferred by Social Work Graduate Programs” by Abigail M. Nehrkorn, Gail I. Harmata, David Schultz, Clare N. Fielding, Monica R. DeBold, and Jeffrey V. Leafblad. (Dr. David B. Conner, and Dr. Jeffrey Vittengl, Faculty Mentors)

“Relation Between Academic Summer Camp Involvement and Self-Concept Growth Among Gifted Adolescents” by Anthony J. Roberson. (Dr. Jeffrey Vittengl, Faculty Mentor)

“The Effect of Phosphatidylserine on Learning and Memory Task Performance in Rodents: A Meta-Analysis” by Grace O. Robinson, and Joseph R. Gregory. (Dr. Jeffrey Vittengl, Faculty Mentor)

“Faces of Aggression: An Analysis of Correlates Between Race, Views of Masculinity, and Acceptance of Violence” by Kenneth C. Warner. (Dr. Anton Daughters, Faculty Mentor)

“Does Sitting Position Matter in Heart Rate Variability Biofeedback?” by Christopher L. Zerr, Jack Schoelz, Emily Bauer, and Brian Cary. (Dr. Fredric Shaffer, Faculty Mentor)

“Heart Rate Variability Norms for Healthy Undergraduates” by Christopher L. Zerr, Andrew Hunter, Ryan Brannon, and Penelope Komes. (Dr. Fredric Shaffer, Faculty Mentor)

“HRV Biofeedback Training Decreases Beck Depression Inventory (BDI) Scores in Healthy Undergraduates” by Christopher L. Zerr, David Schultz, Yu Men, and David Heuermann. (Dr. Fredric Shaffer, Faculty Mentor)

“HRV Biofeedback Training Raises Temperature and Lowers Skin Conductance” by Christopher L. Zerr, Christopher P. Williams, Samantha Gorden, and Megan Todd. (Dr. Fredric Shaffer, Faculty Mentor)

Poster Presentations included:

“Lived Experience of Being a Woman in Two Cultures for Bicultural Women” by Erin S. Bavery (Dr. Stephen Hadwiger, Faculty Mentor)

“The Effects of 3D Viewing” by Clare N. Fielding, Myra C. Milam, Erin F. Smith, Amanda M. Crawford, and Roberto Renteria. (Dr. Karen L. Vittengl, Faculty Mentor)

“The Effects of Tempo on Reported Anxiety” by Joseph R. Gregory, Megan R. Hohenstein, Mallika Rama, Gregory Scheetz, Jeremiah Johnson, and Daniel Trainor. (Mr. Sal Costa, Faculty Mentor)

“The Physiological Effects of the Alpha-Stim Device” by Joseph R. Gregory. (Mr. Sal Costa, Dr. Richard Hall [A.T. Still University], and Dr. Fredric Shaffer, Faculty Mentors)

“Evaluating the efficacy of positive and negative reinforcement while introducing a novel obstacle to horses (Equus caballus)by Megan R. LaFollette, Kaitlin A. Cloonan, and Taylor Stimac. (Dr. Kelly W. Walter, Faculty Mentor)

“Binaural Beats and Hypnosis and Their Effect Upon Word Recall” by Connor E. Madden, Abigail M. Nehrkorn, Jesse B. Banner, Alicia A. Foglesong, Michael J. Gibson, Carlyn Muehlhauser, Caleb J. Scarborough, Jacob A. Sloan, Christopher A. Sotraidis, John R. Wiesler, Micaela M. Zebrowski, and Andrew D. Zeiler. (Mr. Sal Costa, Faculty Mentor)

“Hypnosis and Its Effect upon a Fear of Public Speaking by Abigail M. Nehrkorn, Connor E. Madden, Andrew D. Zeiler, Christopher A. Sotraidis, Jacob A. Sloan, Michael J. Gibson, Micaela M. Zebrowski, Caleb J. Scarborough, Alicia A. Foglesong, John R. Wiesler, Carlyn Muehlhauser, and Jesse B. Banner. (Mr. Sal Costa, Faculty Mentor)

“Only Children: Funniest of the Funny” by Kenneth C. Warner, Sierra Horton, Priyanka Prabhu, Emily Koenig, Taylor Moore, Marisssa Fabbri, Connor E. Madden, Danny Heurst, and Melissa Stockwell. (Dr. Mark Hatala, Faculty Mentor)

“Religious and Relationship Commitment in Online Dating” by Kenneth C. Warner, Priyanka Prabhu, Emily Koenig, Connor E. Madden, Marisssa Fabbri, Taylor Moore, Seirra Horton, Melissa Stockwell, and Danny Heurst. (Dr. Mark Hatala, Faculty Mentor)

“Meaning and Values of Better and Worse Moods” by Christopher L. Zerr, Sarah Bussen, and Erin N. Nyquist. (Dr. Jeffrey Vittengl, Faculty Mentor)

Kenneth Warner, Priyanka Prabhu, and Marissa Fabbri

Kenneth Warner, Priyanka Prabhu, and Marissa Fabbri

Joseph Gregory

Joseph Gregory

John Wiesler & Jesse Banner

John Wiesler & Jesse Banner

Gregory Scheetz

Gregory Scheetz

Sarah Bussen & Erin Nyquist

Sarah Bussen & Erin Nyquist

Erin Smith & Amanda Crawford

Erin Smith & Amanda Crawford

Melissa Stockwell

Melissa Stockwell

Caleb Scarborough, Sal Costa, Michael Gibson, Carlyn Muehlhauser, Connor Madden, & Michaela Zebrowski

Caleb Scarborough, Sal Costa, Michael Gibson, Carlyn Muehlhauser, Connor Madden, & Michaela Zebrowski

November 11, 2013

Homecoming Reception to Honor Dr. Breault


Michele with her poster
Dr. Mi
chele Breault, the first female faculty member hired in the Truman (then Northeast Missouri) department of psychology, began teaching in 1980.  Last December, Michele retired from full-time teaching and was honored by forty two people in attendance at a Homecoming Alumni Reception this past October.  Below are a few comments from our alumni on a recent alumni survey.

Dr. Michele Breault Honorary Fund was created through initial donations by several of her faculty colleagues and former students. The fund was dedicated in her honor for the purchase of needed hallway seating for students to gather, collaborate and talk to faculty members as Michele always took the time to do.

She was a fantastic influence”

 “It was the research experience I had with her that …led me to my current job”

 “She taught me so much about psychology and…how to mentor others in a sensitive and accepting way”

 “Michele was a fantastic instructor in the social psychology course”

 “Dr. Breault challenged me to go outside my comfort areas and test the guidelines of social interaction.”


September 17, 2013

McNair Scholars Present Research

Seniors Megan Hohenstein and Analia Albuja presented research at the 21st Annual McNair Presentation on September 9, 2013. Megan presented “Working Memory, Metacognition, and the Impact of Personal Electronic Devices in the Classroom” and Analia presented “Machismo and Marianismo Revisted: Language, Acculturation, and Gender Role Perceptions Among Latinos”.  Psychology faculty whom served as mentors for their research projects  are respectively Drs Sherri Palmer and Terry Palmer.

The purpose of the McNair Program is to increase the attainment of Ph.D. degrees by students from underrepresented segments of society.  The mission of Truman’s program is to ensure that participants attain their undergraduate degrees on time, encourage them to enroll in graduate programs and then track their progress through to the successful completion of the Ph.D.


May 3, 2013

Congratulations to our Graduating Seniors who have earned Department Honors!

Baker, Lauren

Foster, Garett

Jones, Daniel

Lee, Kerry

Spalding, Kelsey

Turner, Andrew Kirby

April 23, 2013

Psychology Faculty Achievements

The Psychology Department congratulates the following faculty members for their recent recognitions for their outstanding teaching and mentoring!

Dr. Fred Shaffer (Outstanding Research Mentor of the Year), Dr. Rob Tigner (ODK’s Faculty Hall of Fame), Dr. Teri Heckert (finalist, Educator of the Year), Professor Sal Costa (semi-finalist, Educator of the Year)

Dr. Fred Shaffer (Outstanding Research Mentor of the Year), Dr. Rob Tigner (ODK’s Faculty Hall of Fame), Dr. Teri Heckert (finalist, Educator of the Year), Professor Sal Costa (semi-finalist, Educator of the Year)

April 22, 2013

2013 Student Research Conference

Six oral and seven poster presentations were given at the Student Research Conference on Tuesday, April 16th. Psychology major, Sarah Jo David is pictured here presenting her poster titled “How Much Does Quality of Life Improve for Panic Disorder Patients Receiving Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy? A Meta-Analysis”  Dr. Jeffery Vittengl served as Faculty Mentor.Sarah Jo David

April 19, 2013

Faculty Member Dr. Sherri Palmer Serves on LGBTQ Panel

Recently, psychology professor Dr. Sherri Palmer served on a panel on the future of LGBTQ rights sponsored by the Students For Social Change. Other members of the panel were Dr. Anton Weisstein (biology), Dr. Paul Parker (political science), Dr. Mike Ashcraft (philosophy & religion), Aaron Malin (executive director of Missourians for Equality and president of Student Government), and Brandon Eychaner (president of Prism).

lgbt pannel

March 27, 2013

Psychology Students Led by Dr. Shaffer Attend Conference

Psychology students Jabari Allen, Evan Fluty, Joseph Gregory, Daniel Jones, Alexander Kane, Max McDermott, David Schultz, Teresa Vodopest, and Chris Zerr presented three oral papers and three posters at the 44th Annual Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback Conference in Portland, Oregon March 14-16, 2013.

One of the studies, ‘Can Heartfelt Emotion Facilitate Autonomic Recovery from a Math Stress?’ was selected as one of four citation papers during the conference. In addition, students presented ‘Do the Left and Right Hands Differ in Responsiveness to Experimental Stressors?’ and ‘Can Heartfelt Emotion Attenuate the Autonomic Effects of a Math Stressor?’.

Additionally, Dr. Shaffer served as the program chair for the conference.


March 1, 2013

Psychology Summer Course Offerings

The psychology department is offering many exciting classes this summer and during May and August Interim! A majority of these classes are completely online, meaning that students can take them even if they don’t plan on spending their summer in Kirksville. The course catalog for the Summer can be viewed here.

February 19, 2013

Psychology Club Spring 2013 Dates

Join psychology club on the following dates this semester! All meetings are at 7PM in MG 1000.

February 27th – Abnormal Psychology
March 6th – Forensic Psychology
March 20th – The Psychology of Parenting
April 10th – The Psychology of Lying
April 24th – Psych Game Night and Elections