Visit by Presidential Search Consultants

Visit by Presidential Search Consultants

August 22, 2016

Dear Campus Community:

The Board of Governors has approved the presidential search process, and work is progressing to launch the active search.  Due to unforeseen circumstances, Academic Search will not be conducting our presidential search.  Instead the University will be working with search consultants from R. William Funk & Associates (RWFA).  The consultants will visit the Truman campus on August 30 – 31, 2016, to meet with members of the campus community and the Search Committee.  A schedule has been developed to promote participation by a wide spectrum of the campus community.  The itinerary for the constituency group meetings can be found on the presidential search website located at

The consultants’ campus visit has three primary purposes:

  • To ensure that RWFA is well-informed about Truman and the president’s position so they can recruit individuals who best meet the University’s needs and aspirations.  Information gained from these meetings will be immediately useful to help the Search Committee build consensus about the leadership characteristics most needed in Truman’s next President, as well as establish priorities and procedures for the search.
  • Since the search becomes more confidential in the later stages, this is our opportunity for all of the campus constituents to participate and express their views.  We want to make the process as transparent as possible.
  • To enable the Search Committee and RWFA to produce a search profile that outlines key institutional needs and priorities and describes a related set of desired characteristics and talents for the next President.  The profile helps potential applicants to assess whether this presidency is a match for their professional goals.

During the visit to campus, the consultants will pose three questions for your consideration:

  • What are the major challenges and opportunities the next President will face? … Both immediately and long term?
  • If these are the challenges and opportunities, what kind of person do you feel is best equipped to address the challenges and leverage the opportunities?  What kind of experience, management/leadership style, world-view, personality, etc.?  Figuratively, if you could draw the picture of the ideal candidate, what would she/he look like?
  • We will be contacting many people who we believe are among the best potential candidates in the country.  They, for the most part, will not have thought about making a job change and will be reluctant candidates.  What are the compelling reasons we can use to convince these reluctant candidates to explore our opportunity?

Your participation is very important!  We hope your busy schedule will allow you to find a time to meet with the consultants, but if you are unable to attend the campus meetings, we encourage you to send your thoughts to the consultants at  All emails will be kept confidential.

Thank you for your support and participation.

Cheryl Cozette, Secretary of the Board of Governors
Debra Kerby, Dean of the School of Business
Co-Chairs of the Presidential Search Committee

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