Physics Colloquium Wednesday, April 23, MG 1096, 16:30

Physics Colloquium Wednesday, April 23, MG 1096, 16:30

April 15, 2014

What does a Medical Physicist do?

R. Alfredo C. Siochi
Radiation Oncology Department
University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics

Medical physics is a challenging field that embraces a broad range of disciplines. Medical physicists in radiation therapy have invented equipment, calibrated equipment, written software, created algorithms, designed and/or repaired hardware, diagnosed equipment problems, analyzed clinical processes, provided expert witness, written articles and books, planned patient treatments, and interacted with patients. This talk provides an overview of the field of radiation therapy and describes specific technologies and situations where physicists have performed these activities. As we follow a cancer patient from diagnosis through treatment, we will branch off into vignettes to demonstrate how physicists have played a key role in improving patient outcomes.

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