Buck Consultants Presentation

Buck Consultants Presentation

September 26, 2014

The Actuarial profession is consistently ranked as a top-rated job (http://www.beanactuary.com/about/best_job.cfm). Most practicing actuaries today have a degree in Math, Actuarial Science, Statistics, Computer Science, Finance or Economics. The Actuarial Science Minor consists of the coursework needed to pursue this profession.

Presented by:
Graham Royer & Chandra Miller
Buck Consultants
Thursday, October 2nd, 1:00 VH 1000

Graham Royer (Actuary/Truman Alum) & Chandra Miller (Consultant) are employed with Buck Consultants in St. Louis, MO. Come hear about opportunities in Actuarial Science and about their experiences working in the actuarial field.

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