Network Policy

Network Policy

September 21, 2016


Network Policy  (click to review the policy)

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4 thoughts on “Network Policy

  1. brammall says:

    A quick search of the campus network indicates that the naming standard is not being used for all devices, including those that have been set up by ITS personnel. If ITS documentation is going to stress that the standard needs to be followed, I suggest that ITS follow it.

  2. David Charles Goyette says:

    This policy seems to make sense.

  3. Curtis Kelsey says:

    The device naming standards may need an update. The building location portion of the name is defined as two characters. The list of naming codes vary in length from 2 to 4 characters. It may make sense to update the length of the naming standard from 8-9 characters to 8-11. There is also a device type designator that is defined for laptops, netbooks, and printers. Not sure if it is understood that the absence of the indicator means it is a desktop computer device. Additional explanation of this designator may be beneficial.

  4. julie lochbaum says:

    I assume that ADA compliance is not compromised by the section on non-standard devices? Has the policy been specifically reviewed by Disability Services?

    I assume that temporary network access can be granted to external accreditation bodies for our programs that are subject to this process?

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