Electronic Mail Policy

Electronic Mail Policy

September 21, 2016


Electronic Mail Policy  (click to review the policy)

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4 thoughts on “Electronic Mail Policy

  1. Marc Becker says:

    What is the history–and more importantly, the rationale–of this policy of not allowing the distribution of campus-wide announcements of events? I recently became chair of the Global Issues colloquium, and one of my conditions for assuming that role was the ability to distribute email announcements for our monthly events. Now I find that we are left with a VERY inefficient and labor intensive process of Kathy Powell forwarding my announcements to our overworked secretaries and having them distribute the announcements to faculty (leaving staff out of the process, I assume). This is such an irrational way of sharing information.

    1. Paula Cochran says:

      Marc – I’m guessing that this is just logistics – if suddenly 7000 emails go out at the same instant from any one or all of us, probably jams up the works for anything like an emergency notification or just things more important than the announcement was (not that Global Issues events aren’t important 😉

  2. David Charles Goyette says:

    Regarding “Truman’s electronic mail system may not be used: *ï‚· for commercial purposes,
    * for personal financial gain (including outside consulting work)”, how important is it to draw this line in the sand if these types of email do “not interfere with normal operations, [do] not generate incremental identifiable costs to Truman, [do] not imply the individual is speaking on behalf of the University, or [do] not negatively impact an individual’s job performance”?

    In this day and age, when you can easily read and receive all your email (home and work) on all your devices (home and work), it seems silly to make this an issue if it doesn’t impact the university.

    Regarding “Email Account Ownership”, what is the definition of “account”? Is the university implying that it owns the intellectual property in the email messages?

  3. Paula Cochran says:

    This policy seems appropriate to me.

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