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Old Voicemail Shutdown October 7th

The Truman telephone system was upgraded in early July.  This upgrade included a new telephone voice mail system.  The old telephone voice mail system is tentatively scheduled to be shut down and removed on Friday October 7th. If you need to save any voice mails from the old system please do so before October 7th.  … Read More

IT Service Center Now in New Location

During the summer, the IT Service Center in the library was relocated to the first floor, room 109, just north of Starbucks. Although the location has changed, the service has not. IT Service Center hours are the same as the library. Call center and walk-in support are ready and willing to assist, and the media … Read More

New Faculty and Staff Email System

New Faculty and Staff Email System The Faculty and Staff email system is being replaced. The manufacturer has discontinued the old system. A new email system (with many improvements) is now available. All faculty and staff email must move to the new system. Please contact the ITS Service Center at x4544 to schedule your upgrade. … Read More

Faculty and Staff Email System Upgrade

The Faculty and Staff email system is being replaced by a new email system with many improvements.  We have started moving people to the new email system, we will be contacting you soon to schedule your upgrade. The new email server provides the following improvements: Larger email mailbox sizes Auto-discovery easy setup (email settings will … Read More

Truman Tech Break – Making Your Course Available in Blackboard and Provisioning your Course for Panopto

At this, the beginning of a new semester, we thought we would address two topics that garner many calls at the beginning of a new academic year – how to make your course available in Blackboard and how to provision your course for Panopto.  This brief video tutorial will walk you through the steps necessary … Read More

Truman Tech Break – Google Forms

Google has a myriad of tools to make daily tasks simpler.  Google Forms is a fantastic option for collecting and organizing data.  Whether you need to create a survey, an exit ticket for a course, an equipment checkout form, document when supplies need to be restocked, or any other use you can come up with, … Read More

Truman Tech Break – myHistro

myHistro is a web-based timeline tool.  It allows for not just dates and events to be entered, but to tie each of those events to a specific location using Google maps.  Beyond that, you can add photos and notes to each event to create a more immersive and detailed experience.  Once created, you can create … Read More

Truman Tech Break – eduCanon

When making mini-lectures, sharing interesting “found” videos with students, or when creating online training – there is always the concern that just watching a video is so passive that your target audience will not stay engaged.  eduCanon is an easy-to-use cloud-based app that allows an instructor to insert reflective pauses, multiple choice questions and more, right … Read More

Truman Tech Break – Remind

Remind is a fantastic tool that allows for sending group or individual texts to an entire class, set of student workers, department, or other combination of people.  Even better, it does not require ever collecting the participants phone numbers.  This means that you gain all of the advantages of texting without having to cross those … Read More

Truman Tech Break – Screencast-O-Matic

Screencast-o-Matic is a web based service that allows you to create and host screen casts online.  A screen cast captures your computer desktop as a video, and allows you to capture additional audio as voice over.  If you’ve ever watched a video of computer screen with someone giving directions to you at the same time, … Read More