New A/V Control Units Arriving in a Classroom Near You!

New A/V Control Units Arriving in a Classroom Near You!

September 13, 2012

Your IT Services Classroom Technology Support Team, in conjunction with our Network Services and Web Services teams, has worked very hard this summer to design and implement a new bit of technology to make controlling all the various elements of A/V and instructional technology equipment in a classroom a little easier – with the eventual goal of making A/V control more uniform in all classrooms across campus.

Chumby Device - also known as the A/V Control Unit

A/V Control Unit, or “Chumby”

Although on-screen instructions are built into the touch-screen interface, teaching consoles are also outfitted with printed instructions to aid in using the new devices.Nicknamed the “Chumby”, these devices are easy-to-use, touchscreen devices with on-screen prompts and options designed to quickly get an instructor going with the desired technology for that class period.

To see the devices in action, please click to view our instructional Chumby video!  If you have further questions about using the A/V Control Units, please see your building support technician or contact the ITS Service Center (x4544).