2013 Computer Lab Software Requests

2013 Computer Lab Software Requests

March 20, 2012

Information Technology Services is working on the computer lab software for the 2013 academic year.

Over the summer the lab computers are scheduled to be updated to Windows 7 with MS Office 2010.

If you have additional software you would like made available in the computer labs please send an email to LabSoftware@truman.edu with the following information:

* Title of the software
* Version
* Number of licenses
* Company information

To allow sufficient time to install and test please submit your software requests by April 1st 2012.

Software packages that were previously in the computer labs will not be available unless requested.

The link for the lab software that has been requested for the 2013 academic year is:  http://its.truman.edu/projects/labimage12-13/index.asp#list

The link for the lab software that was requested last year is:  http://its.truman.edu/projects/labimage11-12/index.asp#list