The Power of Google

The Power of Google

November 2, 2010

Google AppsSome people in history have felt there was power in NOT sharing – their goods, their resources, or their power. Others think sharing itself is powerful. Share a cookie and you get a smile. Share a blanket and you’ll be twice as warm!

Share a document and you might unleash untold collaborative power. That’s the POWER of Google docs/apps. Studies show that today’s students and instructors are turning more and more to collaborative or group assignments to create significant and authentic learning experiences.

But group projects are not always easy to coordinate. Enter Google Apps: Tools available here at Truman for students and teachers to easily work asynchronously and collaboratively on documents, presentations, drawings, even whole websites.

The apps use a “wiki” construct to make this possible. You can even engage in real-time editing between multiple users at once – see what the other folks are typing as they type it! Links to shared documents/projects can even be posted in Blackboard to make a class assignment that much more easy to access and work on.

Take a quick tour to see how this is possible. Then see the Learning Technologies Team in PML 205 / 785-7750 for more information on how to bring the power of collaboration to your class.