Monthly Archives: November 2010

NEW Online Faculty Workshop Opportunity

November 30, 2010

  Pedagogy in the 21st Century   This course is designed to provide an overview of learning preferences of the millennial generation as well as the learning styles that make Truman students unique. After exploring the learning technologies and delivery methods available at Truman, you will experiment with the tools and strategies to help you … Read More

Internet Upgrade Completed

November 18, 2010

The Internet upgrade is complete. Since early in the semester, ITS has been pursuing options for providing faster Internet access.  We have successfully increased our Internet service 150% from 100Mbps to 250Mbps.   This increase will improve the quality of all Internet activities used by Truman students, faculty and staff. Thank you for your patience … Read More

The Power of Google

November 2, 2010

Some people in history have felt there was power in NOT sharing – their goods, their resources, or their power. Others think sharing itself is powerful. Share a cookie and you get a smile. Share a blanket and you’ll be twice as warm! Share a document and you might unleash untold collaborative power. That’s the … Read More