Better. Faster. SMARTer.

Better. Faster. SMARTer.

July 28, 2010

It’s easier to do a job with the right tools. And it’s tough enough to learn without the distractions of equipment that just doesn’t work.

ITS has been working hard over the summer to upgrade 40 classrooms in Baldwin and McClain with newer technology. This means chucking outdated and non-functioning equipment, and installing better projectors and equipment like DVD players and computer consoles where there were none before.

In addition, two new C-level SMART classrooms have been added – BH 314 and MG1098 – and BH 156 has been upgraded to a hybrid/distance-enhanced room.

But ya gotta keep the current goods polished, so in addition we have done preventative maintenance on 144 other classrooms to keep the equipment in top working order even longer.