Monthly Archives: July 2010

No more calls to Florida

July 31, 2010

Unless your grandma lives there. We’ve brought the ITS Service Center back in-house, staffed BY students FOR students (and faculty & staff too) for faster support and shorter wait times. That number is 785-4544. Your calls will reach one of our dedicated student representatives. Our phone system will also let you know estimated hold times, … Read More

Fiber is good for you

July 30, 2010

We’ve been poking and prodding under the green green grass of campus during phase two of the upgrade to fiber optic infrastructure. Why should you care? Well, these are the cables that move data across our university network from one building to the other. Some of it has been in dire need of repair, and … Read More

Pretty things

July 28, 2010

Over the summer, departments have been working hard to make their webpages more attractive and appealing. Under the guidance of the Web Advisory Team and Admissions Office, we hope the changes will bring an avalanche of new prospective students beating down the doors to enter our fine institution. Check out a few examples. Behind the … Read More

Governance. Policies. The stuff that dreams are made of.

Have a look at our new IT Governance Structure, effective August 2010. Instead of creating more bureaucracy, we hope that this eliminates some confusion, allows the university to provide clear direction on technology development and investment, and streamlines the approval process for future IT policy decisions.

Better. Faster. SMARTer.

It’s easier to do a job with the right tools. And it’s tough enough to learn without the distractions of equipment that just doesn’t work. ITS has been working hard over the summer to upgrade 40 classrooms in Baldwin and McClain with newer technology. This means chucking outdated and non-functioning equipment, and installing better projectors … Read More

New Computer Desktop Magic

We are moving toward virtual desktops. This means that – just like your network drives do now – your computer software and your files will follow you around, no matter which campus computer you log in to.  The virtual desktops are available in the classrooms and labs now. How does this work? We have a … Read More

More storage space for YOU

By popular demand, we’ve GONE CRAZY and upped the limits for many of your Truman network resources! Look at all this space you’ll get to play with: Faculty/Staff Y: and W: drives – increased to 4GB per account (was 2GB) Student Y: drives – increased to 1 GB per account (was 25MB) Faculty/Staff email quota … Read More