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New Twist to Wanted Posters

December 17, 2008

A new tactic was used in Alabama to capture a wanted criminal.  A picture of the man was posted on twelve different digital billboards, along with information on how to contact the police.  The fugitive was caught less than 24 hours later.  This new method worked so well the authorities are thinking it could become … Read More

Top 5

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Wish List: Camcorder

Out of ideas for that perfect holiday gift?  Does your loved one have a good camcorder to capture these precious holiday moments?  Do you know someone with a baby on the way who may want to record all the little ‘firsts’?  Or maybe your camcorder is old and you just need a new one.  Either … Read More

Good Gifts

Having trouble finding a gift for your favorite furry, fluffy friend?  Well look no more, here is a great article that gives amazing tips for the newest and best gifts on the animal tech market.  Make your pet happy this year with the most amazing gifts they could ever imagine or hope for!

Use EcoFont and save ink

A Dutch company has developed a new font that uses 20% less ink to print. It’s free to download and use. You can read all about it and grab it for yourself here.

ITS wins door decorating contest

December 12, 2008

The results are in from the Staff Council holiday door decorating contest. Check out the winner’s circle: Information Technology Services Athletics Career Center If you’re too lazy to trip around campus, you can see pics of all the doors here. We had lots of fun – not just making our door, but also seeing all the … Read More