Meet Chuck Parks

Meet Chuck Parks

November 21, 2008

“What I like most about Truman is the great diversity of people. What’s sad is that they come and go.”

And Chuck ought to know — he graduated from Truman in 1980 with an associate’s degree in Electronics and has been working full-time ever since. Back then, he was a Media Services repair technician — now, Chuck provides PC hardware support and is a certified printer technician.

“Working with student workers is my favorite thing,” Chuck said. “I love watching the process of growing, learning and maturing — and then they come back as parents.”

Chuck has been married 30 years to Peggy Parks. He has a daughter name Melissa, a grandson Gabriel, and a granddaughter Chloe.  Chuck likes Quentin Tarantino movies and wants to visit outer space before he dies. He is an active member of Truman Staff Council.

He is also an active member of Freedom of Road Riders, a local motorcycle rights group. On vacations and long weekends, he hits the road for long-distance endurance motorcycle riding.

“My longest non-stop trip was 1,950 miles from San Jose to Kirksville — 26 hours straight.”  I have loged over 118,000 inthr las 9 year on a motorcycle.