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August 18, 2008

Faculty and staff have reported success with TruTube, Truman’s newest tool developed in-house to allow easy sharing of video on the web. Faculty and staff can use the TruTube tool to upload any video, regardless of format. The tool automatically converts it to a web-friendly format and provides an easy copy-and-paste code to embed it … Read More

Meet Donna Liss

After 23 years of technology experience in larger institutions, Donna hit the web to find the perfect school. “There was something about Truman’s website – I could just see it was the kind of academic institution I was looking for.” Before joining Truman’s ITS team in August 2008 as Chief Information Officer, Donna Liss was … Read More

Cheap software, anyone?

Before you rush out to buy your back-to-school software, check out Truman’s eAcademy store first to get it cheaper. Much cheaper. Thanks to a partnership with Microsoft, you can save more than $400 on Office and more. Be sure to ask for “academic pricing” wherever you’re shopping for computers and software to take advantage of your … Read More

HelpDesk now 24-7

ITS has now expanded its HelpDesk services to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – INCLUDING holidays. Thanks to Truman’s partnership with Sungard Higher Education Managed Services, you will now be connected with professional, certified technicians to solve your problems. The number is the same – 785-4544. If you’re calling long distance, you … Read More

Now you see it…

August 8, 2008

That invisibility cloak from Harry Potter could soon be reality.  A new material involving tiny fishnet patterns, silver, and magnesium fluoride work to bend light around an object, making it invisible. Although there are several issues to iron out, you can check out the progress here.