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Go Green!!

February 18, 2008

You may wonder how it’s possible to conserve energy or ‘go green’ with technology, but there is a way!  You can solar power your electronics, and not just your Mp3 player, either.  You can now solar power your laptop by using Voltaic Systems’ Generator briefcase!  The innovative technology lets the sun hit the case and … Read More

Recovering Lost Data

Have you ever had that moment where you thought your world was about to end because after laboring all day and all night on that paper that was due at 8am, you can’t find it?  Ever have something magically just disappear from your screen when you need it most?  Here is an article that will potentially … Read More

Points of Excellence Award

Greg Marshall, Web Developer of ITS, was honored with the Points of Excellence Award this afternoon for his extra hard work on the I-Clearances and online Student Timecards.  Greg also helped with the online enrollment for Faculty and Staff’s health, dental and vision insurance.  President Dixon presented the award to Greg in the form of … Read More

Digital TV

Exactly one year from today, on Feb 18th, 2009, all television will be transmitted digitally instead of by analog.  This may scare some people, and it may come as a surprise to others.  The truth of the matter, though, is that if you already have a TV that receives Cable or Satellite, you’ll be just … Read More

Top 5

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Bulldog Award

Human Resources is commending department’s outstanding customer service!  Starting this month, the Bulldog Award is in circulation.  It was awarded to the Career Center this past month and will pass onto another great department next month!  The way you can tell who has the Bulldog Award is  by looking for the Bulldog Statue sitting somewhere … Read More

Images from the Hubble telescope

February 5, 2008

Images from the hubble telescope are always pretty. Click here for more. For higher quality pics and the latest news on what’s up with the Hubster, go to