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January 22, 2008

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If you don’t want to get up to change a song on your computer,  iPod docking station, or other audio device, then Logitech’s new Squeezebox Duet could be your next best friend.  The new audio streaming system allows you to change songs, volume, lists, and the whole deal with a single remote.  The system also plugs into your surround sound system so you can listen to your favorite music the way you want to.  At less than half the price of the competitor, the Duet is a sweet deal.  Check it out!

Dazzling Ears

Want to surprise your special someone for Valentine’s Day?  Here is a link to the most expensive earbuds you will ever lay your eyes on!  At over $6,000, these earbuds are dipped in gold and then studded with over 200 diamonds.  You’ll have to read the article for yourself to get the full scoop.

No Fuss Tech Returns

Did you get a gift over the holidays that you did not exactly want?  Did your dad and uncle get you the exact same thing?  Are you having trouble taking it back?  Here are some helpful hints to have a fuss free experience when returning unwanted tech gifts you received.

No More Scrabulous?

The makers of one of the most popular board games, Scrabble, has asked facebook to remove the frequently used Scrabulous application from their site.   Scrabulous apparently too closely resembles the actual Scrabble game and makers want to protect their rights.  A solution is hoped to be reached soon between the makers of the application and the makers of the board game. To read the full story, click here.

New Mac

Apple just put out a new MacBook!  This ultra thin laptop, called MacBook Air, is only .76 inches thick at its thickest part and a mere .16 inches at its thinest.  The new MacBook includes most of the regular features and packs a punch under the hood, too.  To find out more information on the newest edition to Apple’s family, click here.