Monthly Archives: December 2007

Digital Books

December 17, 2007

There is a new online library as of this past Tuesday.  The UDL, Universal Digital Library, has over 1.5 million books available for free viewing.  They have books in different languages and on all sorts of subjects.  While you may not be able to read new releases, old classics are offered as well as many … Read More

Photo Sharing

Be careful of photos that you share publicly!  Even if you do not think someone will take your pictures and use them, it has happened before and it can happen to you.  Any picture that is posted publicly on the internet is up for grabs when it comes to taking and manipulating photos.  So watch … Read More

Wish List: MP3 Players

December 3, 2007

There’s not much time to buy the much wanted gifts of loved ones or to get your wish list to Santa!  Here’s a helpful guide on the newest MP3 players out on the market so you know what you want when you enter the crowd-filled stores in the next few weeks. Good luck!

Camera Clicks

It’s that time of year to take out your camera and dust if off, change the batteries and capture some memories.  Or maybe you use your camera all the time, but want to make these holiday pictures a little more memorable.  Here are some helpful tips on how to frame your pictures and take advantage of … Read More

Let’s Make a Louder RUCKUS

So far, 30% of the Truman student body has signed up for Ruckus, which is amazing!!  What is even more amazing is the fact that if 50% of the student body signs up, Ruckus will give us a free file sharing server of our own so that whole CD files will download in mere moments.  … Read More

Easily Found Toilets

In London this past week, cell phones are now capable of finding the nearest ‘loo’.  All people have to do is text in the word toilet on their phones and up pops the nearest location based on where they are standing at that moment.  The reason, it’s said, is to try and deter people from … Read More

Don’t Succumb to Scams

Are you scared of going into the stores in the next few weeks for fear of being trampled?  Have you decided to do most of your shopping online instead?  If you answered yes, then read this article about internet scams that may look enticing, especially in this holiday rush.  Don’t fall prey to the scams that … Read More

***Ice Storm***

Severe winter weather has been predicted for our area starting later today.  The winter weather has the potential to cause extended power outages and resulting computer network outages.  During an outage, you may not be able to access your email, network drives, or the Internet. In order to minimize the impact of such an outage we have … Read More