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WIsh List: Laptops

November 19, 2007

Are you wanting a new laptop for Christmas?  Maybe you’re just curious about getting a new one to add to your collection.  Either way, here are some good reviews on the popular laptops out there.  So get researching so you know exactly what to get, or what to ask for.

Cars with Internet?

Some people think that we are close to having internet in our vehicles.  If the chance came, would you opt to have an internet laden car so you could check your Facebook or MySpace while driving?  Or maybe, you would just like to have it to keep your friends updated on your whereabouts.  But what … Read More

Let’s Make a Ruckus

Truman State University has signed a contract with Ruckus so that students can listen and download music legally.  Ruckus provides the most comprehensive digital media services available for universities today including movies, music, TV, radio, profiles and the ability to share original content between campuses that subscribe to the Ruckus service. For more information about … Read More

Top 5

Top 5 Customers On Campus Off Campus Social Science Science Athletics

The Save of the Day

Computers crash everyday, that is just the reality of the world we live in.  But there is something you can do to prevent the sorrow of losing every picture and paper you’ve written.  You can get an external hard drive and back up your prized files so if, or more probably when your computer crashes, … Read More

Zune Zune Zune

There is a new MP3 player on the market, and it’s pretty spiffy looking, too, with some new features to boot!  Microsoft released the Zune Player last week and people are finding out about all the new tricks it has.  Possibly one of the coolest features is the ability to share and collect your favorite … Read More

Leopard OS X

November 5, 2007

Apple has just released their newest operating system – Leopard – and the fans are going wild over it.  Rave reviews of the new operating system claim that it is not only easier to use, but more fun than previous systems.  When Leopard hit the stores late last month, people were standing in lines to … Read More

Top 5

Our top 5 customers for October, 2007 were: 1) Oncampus Student 2) Offcampus Student 3) Social Science 4) Science 5) Athletics

Technology in Provost Search

As the University is conducting a search for a new Provost, ITS is lending their aid to help everyone stay in the loop.  All eight open fora are being taped and then fully streamed on the internet.  There is also a podcast available for you to download and take with you if you’re on the … Read More

Wish List: Digital Camera

It’s a scant seven weeks until Christmas, and if you haven’t filled out your wish list yet, you’d better get a move on!  And while you’re at it, you might want to add a digital camera to the list!  Here’s just one review of the digital camera’s that are hot on the market now so you … Read More