Monthly Archives: September 2007

Congratulations to Dr. Dixon

September 9, 2007

Dr. Dixon, president of Truman State University, has been chosen to serve on the Executive Advisory Council (EAC) of SunGard Higher Education. This is a venue for chief executives and key individuals in higher education to share their perspectives on strategic issues affecting higher education. She will represent the Western Region (everything between the Mississippi … Read More

Stay safe on Facebook

Adjust Facebook privacy settings to help protect your identity Unlike some other social networking sites, Facebook has provided some powerful options to protect you online – but it’s up to you to use them! Think carefully about who you allow to become your friend Once you have accepted someone as your friend they will be … Read More


September 7, 2007

Anyway, here’s a link to a Michigan State University School of Criminal Justice document that lists how to “opt-out” of many things: spam, telephone solicitors, and more.

What is a denial-of-service (DoS) attack?

In  a  denial-of-service (DoS) attack, an attacker attempts to prevent legitimate  users from accessing information or services. The most common and obvious type of DoS attack occurs when an attacker “floods”  a  network  with  information.  When  you  type  a URL for a particular  web  site  into your browser, you are sending a request to that  … Read More

You got served

September 1, 2007

Service notes are a great way to stay up on the status of systems at Truman.  Whether it be email, internet, network, or web services, it can be found at To get services notes sent to you automatically via email, click here.

In case you hadn’t noticed…

Kudos to the Web Redesign committee and all who participated in making the new web site such a success.  If you missed all the work that went into the project, just check it out at theWeb Redesign Site. And yes, the ITS site redesign is forthcoming.

McAfee Alert

Even more exciting than Homeland Security’s threat meter, McAfee AVERT Labs has developed a general ranking system that indicates the severity of known global threats and how they impact the Internet, business operations, and home users’ systems. Check out all the pretty colors.

Agreement will provide legal downloads

An agreement between Truman, MOREnet and Ruckus Network, which distributes movies and music online to colleges nationwide, is nearing completion.  This an ad-supported music download service that will be available to Truman Students.  MOREnet, our internet service provider, has agreed to place servers on the network to accommodate faster downloads. Stay tuned for further updates.