redesign update redesign update

July 26, 2007

Joseph Baldwin is getting a new look online. The President’s appointed WWW Redesign Committee has been working steadily since January to improve the look and functionality of the Truman site.

In addition to a new homepage with spiffy new features, we are also bringing many of the Truman sites under a common template to make them easier to update and provide a more consist experience for surfers throughout the site. Follow¬†this link for a sneak preview of how it’s coming together so far, but keep in mind it’s still a work in progress.

The committee wants your feedback! See our blog at for up-to-date information. Browse past articles and leave comments to become a part of the ongoing dialogue about the process. Also posted on the site are survey and research results, committee minutes, and more support documents than you can shake a mouse at.

Expect a flashy new site with improved search and navigation in September. Or don’t expect anything. It’s really your call.