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Amy Nunan: Computer Lab Manager

March 21, 2007

Fighting crime, evil and paper jams comes… Amy Nunan: Computer Lab Manager! FEARLESSLY waste 3 hours cruising Facebook! PRINT 60 pages a minute during finals week. EXPERIENCE clean mousepads and keyboards! WELCOME Amy Nunan: Computer Lab Manager! Truman’s labs will never be the same.

Tips & Tricks: Create your own shortcut

Did you know you can assign keystrokes to quickly open your favorite programs, such as Ctrl + Alt + W to open Word?  Here’s how: 1. Right-click the program’s icon under Start > All Programs > Microsoft Office > Microsoft Word. 2. Choose “Properties” from the menu. 3. Select the “Shortcut” tab. 4. Click your cursor … Read More

New password policy

ITS is improving the way you handle regular password changes. ITAC policy states that you must change the password on your University account every 6 months for security. Previously, everyone was required to change their password on the same day, called “Password Tuesday,” twice a year. To make the process more convenient for you, ITS … Read More

Scam Alert: Free Wi-Fi Sniffing

Don’t you wish you could read one single technology article today without the word “scam” in the title? When did computers become so scary? Whatever happened to the carefree days of yore when the only person sneaking around your Apple IIGS was Carmen Sandiego? I wish I had an answer, my friend. Hey, I’d personally like … Read More

Meet Matt Farwell

If he weren’t at Truman, he would probably be training dogs right now. “I trained a few people’s dogs and found I had a knack for it,” Matt said. “At the time, I was reassessing my job and career path and almost got certified as a professional dog trainer.” Instead, Matt moved to Kirksville from … Read More