Meet Julie Hanes

Meet Julie Hanes

February 21, 2007

Julie originally thought she’d be doing hair and makeup instead of fixing computers at Truman.

“I wanted to be a cosmetologist, but my parents told me to go into computers because that’s where the money’s at,” Julie said. “I later wanted to be a nurse, but soon realized I didn’t want to be around blood all day.”

Still, Julie said she always wanted to be a part of this campus. She joined the Support Services Team in Summer 2005 providing support for Magruder Hall.

“It always seemed like a really nice place to work,” Julie said. “It’s the best job I’ve ever had.”

If you want to treat her to a good meal, take her to Red Lobster for their crab alfredo and cheese biscuits. Cheesecake and anything Mexican will also do.

Julie grew up with sheep, beef cattle, chickens and horses on a farm in Greentop. She now lives outside of town in Queen City, riding 4-wheelers, tending her flower and salsa gardens and watching science-related programs like MythBusters and CSI.

“I’m not an in-town person. I like the quiet solitude. Plus, you can scream and yell and nobody can hear you.”