Monthly Archives: February 2007

IT-How-2 workshops

February 21, 2007

After the success of the Web Content Management (FrontPage) workshops, Diane Richmond from Instructional Design has more coming! Anyone is welcome to attend these interactive classes, but space is limited. Read about and sign up for them at or at Friday 2/23 (3pm-4:30pm) PML 103 – Basic Photo Editing Friday 3/2 (10:30am-12noon) PML 103 – … Read More

It’s getting hot in here…

According to the Guiness Book of World Records, NMSU is now home to the world’s hottest chile pepper. Read all about the Bhut Jolokia pepper – just don’t touch it to your tongue.

Meet Julie Hanes

Julie originally thought she’d be doing hair and makeup instead of fixing computers at Truman. “I wanted to be a cosmetologist, but my parents told me to go into computers because that’s where the money’s at,” Julie said. “I later wanted to be a nurse, but soon realized I didn’t want to be around blood … Read More

Tips & Tricks: Google’s hidden features

It’s not just for searching. Did you know Google is also a… …calculator? …dictionary? …converter? …glossary? …flight tracker? …phone direcory? There’s lots more to learn about everybody’s favorite search engine, and this article explains it all. Check it out!

Ode to Password Tuesday

Password Tuesday. The single day we all change our passwords Together Is itself changing. From this day forth, Let us instead keep our passwords For 180 days at a time. Change them when we so desire? Keep each password for 180 days? It is true. So farewell, password Tuesday. We will await our email notices … Read More

Tips & Tricks: Big fat spacebar

February 5, 2007

Reading a long document in your web browser or a long email? Read an entire screen, then press the biggest key on your keyboard. Yes, the space bar will advance you down exactly one page. Much easier than finding the PgDn key or reaching for that evil mouse.

Web redesign

Share your opinion about the Truman Web site by taking the Web usability survey at While you’re there, stay updated and involved in the process through the Web Redesign Committee’s blog. Your comments and suggestions are welcome as we redesign the Truman Web site for the fall semester.

CMS training a success

More than 30 members of the Truman community attended Diane’s Content Management with FrontPage workshops last month. If we were charging money, they’d have been sell-outs. The feedback was positive too. Read what one anonymous attendant wrote: “i liked the practice with the computers — hands on work; they made sure you were comprehending it–and not … Read More

ITS: Spam Defenders

Did you know that ITS blocked 5.9 million spam messages from reaching your Truman mailbox last month? That’s more than 190,000 unwanted messages per day, and includes1,425 viruses that will never see the light of day. Less than 1.4 million messages last month were legitimate emails. On average, 79% of all email received by the Truman email … Read More