Vista has landed

Vista has landed

January 29, 2007

Tonight at midnight, Microsoft will unveil the consumer version of Vista. One of them, anyway.

There will be at least 4 versions of Vista. Chad Tatro (client services) said that Truman ITS technicians have been working with a release version of Vista Enterprise since November.

“We’re still testing image deployment and application compatibility,” Chad said. “We hope to have an image available for testing later this year.”

Chad said that Truman faculty or staff interested in testing Vista on their machines should email him at to get on a waiting list. He said there are currently no plans to deploy it in the labs and classrooms across campus without more consultation with faculty and staff.

“There’s no real hurry, and not every system should be upgraded,” Chad said. “To take advantage of its newest features requires a pretty beefy computer with gaming-type hardware, and we purchase systems for academic and business use. We don’t want to force it into situations where it doesn’t work.”

Microsoft says XP will continue to be supported for many years.

Visit Microsoft’s website for more info about the features or demo Vista yourself.