Meet Nancy Hoffman

Meet Nancy Hoffman

January 29, 2007

While away from her job as Banner project coordinator, Nancy strives for inner peace.

“I find gardening the most relaxing,” she said. “It’s a time to be peaceful, even if you’re working hard.”

It makes sense that she originally wanted to be a landscape architect. Instead, Nancy became the registrar at Truman for 16 years before coordinating the transition to the Banner system more than 5 years ago.

“I love the people I work with,” Nancy said. “They are hard-working, loyal and treat each other with respect.”

When winter freezes the garden over, she curls up with a mystery novel or two. And then there’s the travel with her husband, David, to Florida every year – and not just for the lush, green gardens.

“I guess it’s kind of weird, but I like to visit places that manufacture something to see the process,” Nancy said. “Next trip, we’re going to a place that makes orange juice.”

Nancy likes dark chocolate, grilled chicken in a lemon-pepper marinade, Italian cooking and visiting her daughter.