SUB updates reservation system

SUB updates reservation system

January 15, 2007

Making room reservations just got easier, thanks to an upgrade to Virtual EMS, the online reservation system.  Now, any on- or off-campus group scheduling a room can go, create an account and schedule away.

“With the old online system, our staff would get an email, phone call, of office visit with all the info.  They would then retype all the info in the computer, making adjustments to the schedule before finalizing and sending the confirmation,” Sujit said. “The new system automates more of the process and cuts down on potential errors, while still allowing staff to provide their expertise and event planning skills.”

Sujit says the new system, which was installed on January 2, is more intuitive and better integrated with the web. It can be used to book rooms inside and outside the SUB for any not-for-credit event. Sujit said there were 5,733 total event bookings last semester, totaling 27,978 reservation hours.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact the Student Union Office at x4186.